Recognizing Donors and Sponsors

The Metropolitan Washington Chapter is honored to receive financial support from corporations, foundations and individuals.  These gifts and sponsorships are critical components for our scholarship fund, thereby empowering success for ARCS scholars. If you are interested in additional information, please contact us at

The Metro Washington Chapter gratefully acknowledges our donors who share our vision.  Among others we thank:


Our Donor Partners 

ASCS Metro Washington Chapter gratefully acknowledges our corporate, foundation and individual donors who share our vision.  Donation status is for the period July 1, 2021 - February 28, 2023 


Leadership Circle $15,000+ 

Danaher Foundation 

Michelle and Julian Francis 

Forster Family Foundation 

Sweetser Foundation 

Silvija Strikis and Miguel Browne 

Dr. Gerald & Paula McNichols Family Foundation 

Mars Foundation 

JCM Foundation 


Benefactor Circle $5,000 - $14,999 

Elizabeth Nesbitt and Ken Bourque 

Patricia and Duncan Sparrell 

Toni and Hans Schierling 


Ambassador Circle $1,000 - $4,999 

Mrs. Lawrence J. Adams 

Ms. Thomasine Alvarez 

Anonymous Donor 

ARCS National & Joachim Herz Stiftung 

Dr. Neela P. Babu 

Dr. Michelle Bailey 

Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Bekey 

Ms. Christine Berg 

Mr. & Dr. Leo & Kristen Bloschock 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Burns  

William J. Burns    Foundation 

Mrs. Richard M. Carr 

Ms. June Chaudet 

Ms. Yvonne Y. Chen 

Mrs. James K. Coyne III 

Ms. Beth Czaban 

Ms. Sarah Doverspike 

Mrs. Richard R. Finkbiner 

Herschel Goldstein 

Ms. Sharon Gross 

Ms. Jacqueline Henson 

Ms. Julie Hohl 

Ms. Laura Hoernig 

Mrs. Otto Hoernig 

Ms. Theresa Holmes 

Ms. Nikol Jackson 

Dr. & Mrs. John Jones, Jr. 

Ms. Joan K. Jordano 

Dr. Eric W. Justh 

Mrs. Robert C. Laning 

Catherine & Fabrice Langreney 

The Gordon F. Linke & Jocelyn B. Linke Fdn. 

Louizos E.L.P. Goldsmiths Inc. 

Mrs. William V. Meyers 

Ms. Amy Mykityshyn 

Ms. Lorraine Nordlinger 

Capt. USN (Ret.) & Mrs. Ronald Parker 

Mr. & Mrs. Karl Pierson 

Mrs. William C. Purple, Jr. 

Ms. Sheila Rabau 

Ms. Carolyn Prince Racich 

Ms. Jane Riddle 

Ms. Mika Robertson 

Ms. Danielle Robinson 

Dr. Melissa K. Rhoads-Simpson 

Ms. Carole E. Sanders 

Ms. Esther Scott 

Ms. Kristen L. Smith 

Ms. Beverley Swaim Staley 

Ms. Susan Trice 

Ms. Sandra Boek Werness 

Ms. Michele Whetzel 

The Hon. Deborah Wince-Smith 

Ms. Anne Wingo 

Mrs. Paul E. Wright 

Dr. Lubna Zahir 


Friends Circle $500 - $999 

Everett Alvarez Associates  

The Buresh Fund 

Angela Phillips Diaz 

Ms. Lynn R. Dillon 

Mrs. Peter H. Teets 

Mrs. Michael Yarymovych