Metro Washington ARCS Light Award

This distinctive honor is awarded annually to a chapter member who has given the highest quality of long-term service to the chapter.

Guidelines for selection are as follows:

Only one ARCS LIGHT is to be selected each year from each chapter.

  • The ARCS LIGHT should be an Active Member, in good standing for at least three years who has given continuous service with a positive impact on the chapter.

  • The ARCS LIGHT should have the respect of and be representative of her chapter.

  • The ARCS LIGHT may not be a sitting President

  • This outstanding member is honored by her chapter and again at the National Annual Meeting.

Our current ARCS Light

 Doris Pierson - 2020-21 ARCS Light

Our recent ARCS Lights

Jane Riddle - 2019-20 ARCS Light 

Susan Trice - 2018-19 ARCS Light

Lynn Dillion - 2017 -18 ARCS Light 

Karen Finkbiner - 2016-17 ARCS Light 

Angie Delaney - 2015 - 16 ARCS Light

We are proud to acknowledge our ARCS Lights since 1972: 

Mrs. C. Swan Weber Connie Watts (Mrs. Keith P.)
Mrs. Lorry N. Tindal Virginia Wright (Mrs. Paul E.)
Mrs. Charles A. Hufnagel Ann Becker (Mrs. Ralph E.)
Mrs. James B. Graham Jane Poe (Mrs. Eugene M.)
Mrs. Alexander H. Flax Andi Purple (Mrs. William C.)
Mrs. James T. Mathews Lynn Heebner (Mrs. David R.)
Jo Tape (Mrs. Gerald F.) Beth Parker (Mrs. Ronald Hearn)
Mrs. William Tait Betty Polutchko (Mrs. Robert J.)
Mrs. George C. Gerber Alice Laning (Mrs. Robert)
BJ Cantus (Mrs. H. Hollister) Mary Kennedy (Mrs. Anthony M.)
Mrs. David A. Wilkinson Holly Coyne, III (Mrs. James K. III)
Mrs. John Mansfield Coulter Mary Snitch (Mrs. Thomas H.)
Mrs. William B. Cofield Marie Carr (Mrs. Richard W.)
Mrs. Francis E. Rundell, II Evelyn Soucek (Mrs. Leo E.)
Karen Meyers (Mrs. William V.) Toni Schierling (Mrs. Harmut E.)
Mrs. William Bruce Arnold Renee Fontenot (Mrs. John J.)
Genevieve B. Wimsatt Marlene Bekey (Mrs. Ivan)
Mrs. James R. Dempsey Virginia Lukasik (Mrs. Stephen)
Ethel Iverson (Mrs. J. Richard) Nita Hoernig (Mrs. Otto)
Shirley Oliver (Mrs. William P.) Jane Riddle (Mrs. Matt)
Cynthia Howes (Mrs. Hal Williams) Doris Pierson (Mrs. Karl)
Peggy Adams (Mrs. Laurence J.) Danielle Robinson
Carolyn Steelman (Mrs. Donald L.) Patricia Sparrell