Officers & Directors

Board of Directors and Officers

The Metropolitan Washington Chapter is structured with a Board of Directors, an Advisory Board, and active committees. Key focal responsibilities for these committees are Membership, University Relations, Development, Activities, Communications, Finance, and Administration.

Our fiscal year extends from July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024.

Julie Hohl (2023-25)
Patty Sparrell (2023-25)

Immediate Past Co-Presidents
Claudia Benack (2023-24)
Elli Nesbitt (2023-24)

Silvija Strikis (2023-25)

Chi Pham (2023-25)

Endowment Treasurer
Jane Riddle (2022-24)

Co-VPs, Activities
Charlotte Knight (2023-25)
Mary Jo Ruane (2023-25)

VP, Administration 
Sarah Doverspike (2023-25)

Co-VPs, Communications
Michelle Francis (2022-24)
Danielle Robinson (2022-24)

Co-VPs, Development
Susan Trice (2022-24)
Trish O'Malley (2023-24)

Co-VPs, Finance
Sharon Gross (2023-25)
Esther Scott (2023-25)

Co-VPs, Membership
Neela Babu (2023-25)
Lubna Zahir (2023-25)

Co-VPs, University Relations
Miriam Erickson (2022-24)
Anne Wingo (2022-24)

Assistant Treasurer
Yvonne Chen

Beth Parker

Members at Large
Michelle Bailey 
Holly Coyne
Lynn Dillon 
Rebecca McNeilly 
Amy Mykityshyn