Officers & Directors

2019 - 20 Board of Directors

The Metropolitan Washington Chapter is structured with a Board of Directors, an Advisory Board, and active committees.  Key focal responsibilities for these committees are:   Membership, University Relations, Development, Activities, Communications, Finance, and Administration.  Our fiscal year extends from the period starting July 1 through June 30.


Co-Presidents                                                        Danielle Robinson & Patricia T. Sparrell

Co-Vice Presidents University Relations       Miriam Erickson & Anne Wingo

Vice President Development                             Kristen Bloschock

Co-Vice Presidents Membership                     Michelle Bailey & Susan Trice

Vice President Finance                                       Sharon Gross

Vice President Administration                         Sarah Doverspike

Co-Vice Presidents Activities                            Marie Carr & Mary Jo Ruane

Co-Vice Presidents Communications              Elli Nesbitt & Ashley Rehr

Treasurer                                                                Silvija Strikis

Secretary                                                                Karen Finkbiner

Directors At Large

Lynn Dillon

Nita Hoernig

Rebecca McNeilly

Beth Parker

Doris Pierson

Other Postions of Leadership

Endowment; Jane Riddle

Assistant Treasuer; Marlene Bekey

Heartline; Beth Parker