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KPMG and ARCS Foundation

Posted on Tuesday, April 16, 2013

As an industry leading tax, audit and advisory firm, KPMG LLP serves clients in a diverse array of public and private sectors, from financial services, energy and chemicals, to technology, healthcare, life sciences and more. To meet their clients’ many needs and stay ahead in an era of shifting technology and surging innovation, KPMG requires a workforce armed with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills.

“When you look at the areas where companies are really innovating and investing in their future, overwhelmingly you see that STEM skills and experience are at the core,” said Lynne Doughtie, the firm’s Vice Chair-Advisory. “The key skills necessary to execute the changes and manage the new transformed organization are more often than not STEM related. As a business or a nation looking to lead in the future, having a workforce with these crucial skills and experiences will absolutely be imperative.”

KPMG is a strong supporter of educational initiatives at every level. The KPMG Family for Literacy program supports early childhood literacy in disadvantaged communities; while the firm works with the Junior Achievement and the National Academy Foundation’s network of high school career academies, provides internship opportunities to college students, and supports diverse business students seeking advanced degrees through the PhD Project. Alongside all of these efforts, the KPMG Foundation is a Gold Sponsor of The STEM Connector, which brings together STEM leaders in business, education, government and the public sector to promote STEM education and skills building. Harnessing experience and expertise from across the professional world, STEM Connector members join together to build awareness and understanding of the STEM fields, and promote STEM careers and jobs. The Connector places a special emphasis on increasing interest and participation in key constituent groups like women and minorities, to ensure that every community is engaged in pursuing the many opportunities in STEM fields. 

ARCS Foundation/MWC is honored to benefit from generous financial support from the KPMG Foundation.  The mutual commitment to the advancement of STEM education and technological innovation makes this alliance an asset for both organizations.  For the 2013-14 academic year, ARCS Foundation/MWC will be privileged to have a KPMG Scholar among its incoming graduate (PhD candidate) class.