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Amy Mykityshyn named 2023-2024 MWC ARCS Light

Posted on Friday, September 22, 2023

The ARCS Light tradition was initiated in 1972 by the ARCS Foundation (National organization). Each Chapter selects an annual ARCS Light recipient from its active membership.  The purpose of the ARCS Light Award is to recognize an individual who has provided exceptional service and leadership in support of their respective Chapter.  In addition to chapter recognition, ARCS National highlights the ARCS Lights awardees from all chapters at the All Members’ Conference, which this year will be held in Chicago in the spring. 

This year, ARCS-MWC was delighted to present Mrs. Amy Mykityshyn as our newest Light during the Fall Membership Meeting and Social. 

Amy has been a member since 2013 and has been very generous in her support of the chapter both behind the scenes as well as filling multiple roles as a Board member (VP Communications, VP Administration, as well as a Member at Large).  She was instrumental last year in managing the interface with the Eagle Honoree, Jason Providakes, CEO of Mitre Corp.

It's impressive that our honoree finds time to volunteer with ARCS while being employed at Mitre Corporation as a Lead Aviation Systems Engineer and as a wife and mother of two daughters.  In addition, to the ARCS activities, both she and her husband are supportive of multiple philanthropies; one being the Blue Angels Foundation. 

For photos from the Membership meeting and the Social, hosted by Mark and Amy Mykytishyn, please visit the photo gallery.