Metropolitan Washington Chapter Scholars 2016-2017

ARCS Foundation Metropolitan Washington is honored to present awards to these outstanding scholars chosen by the scholar selection committees at our five universities.

Our graduate scholars receive $15,000 each year. Our undergraduate scholars receive $5,000 dollars per year.


2016 - 2017 SCHOLARS

Georgetown University - Graduate Students ($15,000)

Marina Solomos Danaher Scholar
Teresa Duncan
3rd Year Scholar
Erika Raven
1st Year Scholar
Marina Solomos 
2nd Year Scholar
  • Patricia Smith Memorial Scholar
  • Ph.D Candidate in Chemistry
  • Research in polymer gels and their physical and chemical properties with the goals to enhance art conservation and to support preservation of cultural heritage.
  • Laytham Scholar
  • Ph.D Candidate in Interdisciplinary Program Neuroscience 
  • Research uses novel magnetic reasonance imaging methodology to study changes in myelin microstructure during human adolescent development. 
  • Danaher Scholar
  • Ph.D Candidate in Chemistry 
  • Research examining novel methods for controlling crystallization of small organic molecules on 2-dimensional templates with varying chemical properties to elucidate the principles that ensure the growth of specific crystal forms with applications in the pharmaceutical industry. 


Johns Hopkins University - Graduate Scholars ($15,000)

JHU Scholar kunal parish Johns Hopkins University
JHU Scholar
JHU Scholar
Wesley Fuhrman
2nd Year Scholar
Kunal Parikh
3rd Year Scholar
Randal Meyer
1st Year Scholar
  • KPMG Scholar
  • Ph.D Candidate in Physics
  • Research in novel quantum phenomena and materials using neutron scattering and theoretical methods to determine the underlying physical structure responsible for surface quantum states.
  • The Roche Foundation/ARCS-MWC Scholar
  • Ph.D Candidate in Biomedical Engineering
  • Research using nanotechnology to develop and apply novel prophylactic vaccine delivery platforms that induce both systemic and mucosal immunity against muscosally transmitted diseases such as HIV, TB and certain STDs. 
  • Jones Group Scholar
  • Ph.D Candidate in Biomedical Engineering 
  • Research in the development of biomimetic particle therapeutics for application in cancer immunotherapy, regenerative medicine and neuroscience. 


The George Washington University - Graduate Scholars ($15,000)

GWU Scholar
Michelle Bailey
2nd Year Scholar
Ian Carr
1st Year Scholar
Claire Silverstein
1st Year Scholar
  • Ann Becker Memorial Scholar
  • Ph.D Candidate in Chemistry
  • Research in applied laser spectroscopy with applications in ground-based greenhouse gas measurements to characterize carbon feedback from melting permafrost.
  • Gerald and Paula McNichols Foundation Scholar
  • Ph.D Candidate in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Research in unsteady and pulsatile flows around obstacles using a suite of experimental techniques with broad implications in blood flow, human phonation and geophysical flows.
  • Gerald and Paula McNichols Foundation Scholar
  • Ph.D Candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Research using various computor programming languages to develop microscopic traffic models to investigate the impacts of intelligent transportation systems' technology on the safety and stability of acceleration and lane changing behavior of drivers on roadways. 


University of Maryland - Graduate Students ($15,000)

Depali Clare Sengupta
2nd Year Scholar
Danny Kim
2nd Year Scholar
James Lankford
2nd Year Scholar
  • Gorden F. and Jocelyn B. Linke Foundation Scholar
  • Ph.D Candidate in Neuroscience
  • Research on the mechanism(s) of synaptic loss and recovery in the aging visual system and the experimental tracking of functionally active synapses.
  • Lockheed Martin Scholar
  • Ph.D Candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Research in cyber security, computer security and program analysis to discover new fundamental behaviors of malware in order to better detect malicious programs and prevent them before they cause damage.
  • Lockheed Martin Scholar
  • Ph.D Candidate in Aerospace Engineering
  • Research in fluid/structure interactions using computational fluid and structural dynamics to design micro air vehicle concepts.



University of Maryland - Undergradute Students ($5,000)

Katherine Collins
2nd Year Undergraduate Scholar
Catherine Nguyen
2nd Year Undergraduate Scholar
  • Aerospace Scholar
  • Undergraduate student in Physics
  • Research in experimental atomic molecular optical (AMO) physics that involves trapping ions and manipulating their internal states in order to solve certain problems that are hard to evaluate on a classical computer.
  • Booz Allen Hamilton Scholar 
  • Undergraduate student in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Research in protein engineering of enzyme-triggered self-folding hydrogel sheets that have biomedical applications in biosensing, tissue scaffolding (e.g. burn repair), and drug delivery.


University of Virginia - Graduate Students ($15,000)

UVA Scholar UVA Scholar
Jack Wadden
2nd Year Scholar
Nicholas Napoli
1st Year Scholar
Trey Wenger
1st Year Scholar
  • Chapter Scholar
  • Ph.D in Candidate Engineering and Computer Science
  • Research in heterogeneous computer architectures and programming models by using accelerators that improve performance, power and software portability in heterogeneous architectures.
  • Forster Scholar
  • Ph.D Candidate in Systems and Information Engineering
  • Research in computational approaches and human machine interaction applied to monitoring commericial airline pilots for cognitive and medical incapacitation. 
  • Mars Foundation Scholar
  • Ph.D. in Candidate Astronomy
  • Research uses radio telescopes around the world to discover and characterize sites of recent high mass star formation in the Milky Way as a probe of the morphological and chemical structure of the Milky Way and as a constraint of the Glalaxy's formation and evolution.